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What Our Clients Have to Say About VISION Recording Studios?

When doing your research and trying to decide on which recording studio to call for your next project, take a look at the client testimonials. Just like when you are purchasing a product, you read the reviews to see how other people feel about their purchase right?  At VISION Recording Studios, we take pride in sharing our customers experiences with you. We are all about delivering a top notch, professional quality product  with 5 star customer service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Watch the three customer testimonial videos on this page and then visit our CLIENT TESTIMONIAL page and read what clients have to say. We are sure you will find that we live up to what we say we do and we stand behind our product and services 100%.

We Now Accept All Major Credit Cards

subject to a 2.75% fee

Interactive Online Mixing Experience

Visit our Online Mixing Services Page to Learn More About This Unique Service

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VISION Recording Studios is proud to support which is a foundation that is trying to stop the bullying of kids in our schools. They recently came into our studio to record a theme song for their foundation called  “HEY BULLY”. We captured the day in the studio on video. Have a look and please support Schoolnami.

For more information about visit their website at

or call them at (888)-9-NO - BULLY

To have your recordings Mixed & Mastered then check out our website below. Just click on the logo!