What is Interactive Online Mixing ?

Our interactive online mixing service allows you, as a client to be  located anywhere in the world and be able to work with VISION Recording Studios LIVE on your project via the internet. How does it work? It’s extremely simple. Here is the process:

  1. 1.We have an online pre-production video conference call via SKYPE. All you need is a web cam and SKYPE version 5.0 or higher. You only need the FREE version of SKYPE! We have paid for the Pro version on our end and with that, we can video conference call you so you don’t need to purchase anything and we can have up to 5 people on the video conference call all at once and they can all be in different locations. So I can meet with the entire band all at the same time and everyone is involved. We will discuss your project in detail and I provide you with a custom quote for your project. This process allows us to develop a solid working relationship before your project even starts and you get to meet the person that not only owns VISION Recording Studios but is the one working on your project.

  1. 2. You then upload your audio files via “Drop Box” or “Google Drive” to us. Again this is completely FREE and costs you nothing. We will discuss the details regarding file type, bit rate ect. during our pre-production meeting. You can also send your files on DVD via snail mail if you like. We would recommend that you also send us some reference tracks and any production notes via e-mail.

  1. 3.We start working on your project. Once we have the mix at a state of 90% finished, we schedule a meeting with you online, again via SKYPE video conferencing  so we can let you listen to your project. All you do is log on to our server website and log in with a user name and password which we provide you. (see video demo above)

  1. 4.Once your logged in, you will be able to listen to the project streaming LIVE from our control room to you LIVE and in real time. We will see each other via video SYPE and can communicate back and fourth and discuss your project.

  You can listen to the mix in your environment in the “real world” and not our specially tuned control         room. So you will know EXACTLY what the mix will sound like. At that point we can make any tweaks you desire in real time. For example, if you would like the kick drum to be a little louder....just ask! We will make the adjustment right then and there and you will instantly hear the adjustment. (see video demo above)

  1. 5.Once you are 100% happy, we will e-mail you the finished product via “drop box” or “Google Drive” as well as mail you a CD of your finished product.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! Super easy and YOU are part of the process. No more e-mailing mixes back and fourth and communicating only through e-mail and you not knowing who your dealing with. It’s completely interactive! 


QUESTION - What are the advantages of choosing VISION Recording Studios when there are other studios that offer online mixing? Or, why shouldn’t I just go to a local studio?

ANSWER - There are several. Not only do I provide a professional “radio ready” recording at extremely competitive prices but I am the only studio that has an interactive component to the process. With other studios you rarely meet the person that is working on your project and in a lot of studios they have multiple engineers and you never know “who” is even working on your project. I want to develop a working relationship with you as all my clients. So by us meeting online via video conferencing and having the pre-production meeting, we get to know each other and develop a working relationship. It is a lot easier to communicate this way as well as opposed to going back and fourth with e-mails. 

I am also the only studio that uses state of the art technology to give the client the ability to listen to your mix in real time. Other studios will just mix your project and send you the final product via e-mail. Then you listen to it and e-mail them your comments. Then if your lucky, they will make the adjustments and send it back to you several days later. This is extremely inefficient and there is no personal interaction between the studio and the client.

Lastly, most studios will send you your mix and give you 1 revision to that mix at no charge. If you are not 100% happy with the 2nd mix and would like further tweaks, they will charge you anywhere from $25-$60 per hour to make additional changes to the mix. I don't do that! I will tweak your project as many times as necessary to make you 100% happy and no additional charge.......PEROID! I pride myself on going way above and beyond to exceed your expectations........just read our client testimonials

QUESTION -  Does in matter which DAW I have recored my music with?

ANSWER - No, I can work with tracks from any DAW past or present. We can discuss at the pre-production meeting.

QUESTION - Can I just send you my DAW session file instead of the mixed down tracks?

ANSWER - Yes, if you recorded in any version of Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One or Logic.  You have to send the project session directory, which will have all the audio files, back files etc.

QUESTION - What type of files do I need to send and at what bit rate?

ANSWER  - We prefer .wav files at 24bit, 44.1khz minimum. There are other options as well which we can discuss in the pre-production video conference meeting.

QUESTION - Can I listen to my mix form any computer or mobile device?

ANSWER - Yes, as long as you have a high-speed internet connection such as DSL or cable. You can even listen to your mix on a cell phone or i-pad.

QUESTION - What is the quality of the stream that I will hear on my end?

ANSWER - The stream is at 320 bit and the sound quality is really amazing.

QUESTION - I still have questions. Is it possible to meet via SKYPE to discuss with out me making any commitments?

ANSWER - Of course! I will spend as much time with you as you like discuss your project and this process and it does not cost you anything. I want you to be 100% comfortable with me and the process BEFORE you decide to spend your hard earned money. Just contact me via e-mail or give me a call and we can set-up a time to meet. You can reach me at:


David Vignola - 203-893-1448

Owner - VISION Recording Studios

All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2009 - 2012 Site owned & designed by vision recording studios

- Maybe you have recorded yourself or your band and need a professional quality radio-ready mix.

- Maybe you have recorded your tracks at a local studio and their mixing prices were too expensive.

  1. -Maybe you had someone mix your project but you weren’t happy with the final results.

If any of the above is true then you owe it to yourself to check out VISION Recording Studios “Interactive Online Mixing” service. VISION Recording Studios has been in business since 2005 and I have mixed many full length records covering many styles of music. From industrial metal to gospel and everything in between I have helped many artists achieve a professional radio-ready quality product and very competitive prices. Our professional product, 5-star customer service and exceeding our clients expectations is what has made VISION Recording Studios the place to call for all your needs as a recording artist. Just read our client testimonials as they speak for themselves.

- David Vignola - Owner

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