VISION Recording

“As a first-timer in the recording studio, I can’t imagine having a better experience than I did with Dave at Vision Recording Studio. Dave is an absolute professional who is dead set on putting out the best possible product for his clients. As a singer/songwriter, a lot of what I write is very personal and therefore having it come out sounding right is of the utmost importance. Dave made me feel completely comfortable and was always encouraging me, no matter how many takes I needed. If you ever get a chance to work with Dave, take it, he will work hard for you and there is no way you will be disappointed with the end result. A quick 10-song demo is definitely not the last project that I will be recording at Vision Studio.”

Kayla Schine
(Singer Songwriter)
December 2011

"Mileage 51, a Dubai-based rock & blues band, highly recommends David Vignola for his collaborative spirit, engineering abilities and professionalism throughout the entire process of mixing our debut album “Stone Unturned”. Working with David remotely was a breeze and with frequent video calls it felt like we were actually in the studio with David. His passion for the project was equally evident and shines through in the end result. We couldn’t be happier with his contributions and the outcome of our album.”

Roy - Milage 51
August 2015

“I had an amazing time recording at Vision Recording Studios.  I have tried home recording in the past, but nothing compares to the experience that this studio offers. David was very accommodating and did all he could to help make my drums sound the best they could. Overall, I could not be more satisfied with my experience at Vision Recording Studio!”

Kevin Mathieu – Drummer
June 2013

"Big Boss Blues undertook a monumental task of tracking ourselves for the first time, and putting our trust in David for shaping our capture into a professional sounding album from almost 800 miles away! David more than exceeded our expectations and delivered a high-quality end product. Along with being very professional and punctual, David has an extremely fine-tuned ear, and a great ability to realize the vibe of the performances and give them exactly what they need. David certainly knocked this album out of the park- we highly recommend his services for any artist." 

Eric Busch- Drummer of Big Boss Blues
May 2015​

"I needed help finishing my project so I emailed David. He responded immediately and told me exactly when he would deliver the final product. He completed everything at an affordable rate–ahead of schedule, and took the time to answer my questions, while teaching me how to use Studio One. If you’re looking for someone who is reliable and knows what they are doing, David is your man."  

Kelly Johns
October 2014​

"Crossing Rubicons time with Vision Studios has been an exceptional experience. We had a short period of time in which to get our demo complete, and Dave Vignola busted his ass to do so. Upon hearing Bitter Sweet Demo; everyone is surprised of the quality of recording; we don’t need to even tell them we gave Dave only a day to complete the mix. Musicians in other bands cannot believe it is not mastered. There is not another studio out there in CT that can come close to what Vision Recording Studios had done for us. There are many studios in CT who take a Wallmart approach to recording, any band that has the cash can throw out a “shit shingle” and call it a day. I applaud Dave’s approach to auditioning bands that he records.  Dave Vignola stands behind his work, which is a path that no other studio in CT would. “Trod”,and the quality of our demo is the proof of that. Crossing Rubicon looks forward to a long recording future with Vision Studios."

Scott Wawrzyniak
Crossing Rubicon
January 2011

“Thank you so much David you were able to take my mix from good to pro level. Very reasonable price and the training video will give me hours of info to study for months to come. Very professional and went really way above what another pro studio would do.”

Andy Arthur
August 2014​

“I have been playing guitar and singing for over 20 yrs. and never decided to take the plunge and do recording. Until I met Dave and saw what he and Vision Studios were capable of delivering. Within just the hour meeting we had, I had learned so much about what can be accomplished. Dave made my first experience easy and care free. I am a perfectionist, wanting to input what I thought would be great for the songs I chose to do. I had a different method of recording being a solo artist with no band and Dave was able to take what I had done and make the tracks “Radio Ready”. It was a comfortable and pleasurable experience that I would love to do again. I recommend anyone who is looking to start or continue their recording career to go to “Vision Recording Studios”. David will make sure you are happy and that you get the desired results you are looking to achieve.”

Brit Neubauer
June 2012​

"I had already purchased David's mixing & EQ tutorials and was extremely impressed with his knowledge and personality, so I contacted David to ask him if he would mix and master my album project. Fortunately for me he said yes. This has now been completed and I am really pleased with the final results, David has delivered a first class job, which I had no doubt he would do. This is my first release and it was important for me to work with someone who firstly could deliver a professional result, but also someone in whom I had confidence especially as I'm based in the UK so would not be able to attend any of the sessions. David's responses with mix tweaks were very prompt and the whole album of 10 songs was mixed and mastered in 10 days.

I cannot recommend David highly enough and I will definitely be contacting him again to work on my next project. " 

David Prinsep 
April 2015