Question: Who will be working on my project when I hire VISION Recording Studios? Do you have interns or assistants that work on client projects for you? 

Answer: No, I don’t have anyone working on your music but myself. That’s the difference between me and other on-line mixing services. More times than not, when you hire one of these services, especially ones that are super inexpensive in cost, you never know who is working on your project and a lot of times it’s an intern or someone who has very little experience. When you hire me, you hire ME, not anyone else and I can assure you not a single person touches your project expect me. I don’t have any interns or assistants. :)

Question: I am considering hiring you to work on my project. What’s the next step?

Answer: Just contact me by sending me an e-mail. Let me know with as much detail as possible what you are looking to have me work on. Provide me with information such as how many songs, style of music etc. you have in mind.  If possible, send me a sample of the music that you want me to help you with. The quality is not important. I just want to listen to what kind of vibe your music has.

Question: Will I be able to speak with you in person and not just through e-mail? 

Answer: Absolutely! Part of the process of taking on a client is for me to either meet them over video via SKYPE or at the very least I speak to them over the phone. I want you to feel totally comfortable with this process and I want to make sure that we can discuss all details before I start working on your music. That can be difficult just over e-mail.

Question: Are there any discounts for having an entire CD worth of material mixing and mastered? 

Answer: Yes, if you are doing multiple songs with me at one time (usually 3 or more) then I can work out a special price for you. We can discuss that during our meeting. I am here to help you as much as possible

Question: Do I need to worry about having my music “leaked” or share with other people? Is my music secure?

Answer: Yes! Your music is 100% secure and no one will ever even know that I am working on your project or listen to any music until after it’s released, and then only if you give me permission to share your music. I 100% guarantee that!

Question: Does it matter which DAW my music was recoded in? Do I need to have Pro Tools? 

Answer: Nope! The DAW really does not matter. I have Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Cubase and Studio One, so I can work with any recording session. You can also send me the STEM files in .wav format.  Just watch the videos on the "Sending Your Files" page to see how to prepare and send me your recording sessions via Drop Box.

Question: I still have some questions. How do I contact you directly? 

Answer: You can send me an e-mail to and we can set up a time to speak and answer your questions.

Question: How long does it take for my project to be finished? 

Answer: That really depends on the scope of your project. We will discuss those details during our SKYPE / Phone meeting. A typical turn around time to mix and master one song is 3-4 days. If you are on a tight deadline, then we can work that out as well. My goal is to give you the best service possible in the quickest time frame possible.


VISION Recording

Question: If I listen to your first mix and I want to have some tweaks made, can that be done? If so, how much extra does that cost?

Answer: Yes, of course. You get 3 revisions as part of the package price. That means I send you the mix, you listen and send me via e-mail any tweaks you want made. You can do that 3 times as part of the original price. I have never had anyone go over that but if you need to that’s not an issue. As far as cost, we can discuss that depending on what is required. My goal is to make you 100% happy and not to charge you extra.